Carley Gmitro (b. 1997) is an artist and poet living and working in Los Angeles, California.

She received a BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2020.

Gmitro’s work explores the emotional representation of the self through the combination of diagrammatic collaging, mediated imagery from the internet, and personal poetry. She transforms this coded information into images to approximate the idea of a “slow read.” By archiving an immense personal collection of fragmented sources, ranging from pop culture references, niche memes, and drawings of personal memories, she is able to have a both generative, and process-based practice. Through the use of projectors, silkscreen applications and techniques, and basic drawing and painting tools, she attempts to confuse the viewer and disguise work both from digital references and those made by hand. 

Her work rides lines between humor and deep feelings, distress and playfulness, obsession and cataloging, flip-flopping on it’s own attitude. Intentionally confusing, it is as if the visual lexicon of her work is actually a broken dictionary. By challenging ideas of legibility, it is her hope that the viewer will be forced to question the authenticity of the artist’s hand and observe her unique brand of self-analysis and reflection through scavenged image collage.